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City in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia, located on the Tyosha River (a tributary of the Oka), 410 kilometers (250 mi) east of Moscow. Population: 106,362 (2010 Census).
Arzamas was founded in 1578 by Ivan the Terrible in the lands populated at the time by Mordvins. By 1737, more than 7,000 people lived in Arzamas and the town became a major transit centre on the route from Moscow to eastern parts of Russia. It was known for its geese and onions as well as leather crafts. Catherine the Great in 1781 granted town status to Arzamas and a coat of arms based on the colours of the Arzamas regiment. In the early 19th century, Arzamas had over twenty churches and cathedrals, the foremost being the Resurrection Cathedral. It was built in the Empire style to commemorate the Russian victory over Napoleon in 1812. Alexander Stupin art school was located in Arzamas between 1802 and 1862 and many famous Russian artists studied there, including Vasily Perov. By the early 20th century it was still an important centre of trade, and had tanneries, oil, flour, tallow, dye, soap and iron works; knitting was an important domestic industry, while sheepskins and sail-cloth were articles of trade. The 1897 population was 10,591. From 1954 to 1957, Arzamas was the center of Arzamas Oblast, a short-lived administrative unit that was split from Gorky Oblast and later merged back into it. In 1988, the city was the site of the Arzamas train disaster which caused the death of ninety-one people.

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